Is This Living or Non-Living Things?


What is this series-13?

To be fair, I have use the sepia photographic effect on this image. So guess what is it?

Series 12’s answer can be found here

Answer: Posted on 16-5-2013


This is a gift that one of my nieces gave me. It is called “Dragon Fruit Seedling”. In an information sheet that came with the plant, it was written that “This plant is an effective bio-purifier, it is not only helps to reduce stress and refreshing, but also clean and easily grown….” Well it is a nice plant and have been with me for about 3 months now.

4 thoughts on “Is This Living or Non-Living Things?

    • I was told that they will remain as such. It doesn’t seem to grow. It seem that it is quite trendy in Malaysia. Don’t think it is the same species that they grow commercially.

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