Guai Shu Shu is a “shushu” that is “guai” meaning an uncle that behave in an abnormal manner….

Throughout my life until now,

I have always been mistaken, misjudged, stereotyped and lived in pools of misconceptions….

Since young,

I was being described as radical mentally, ugly looking physically and uncooperative socially…

No, wait, no, I am not the one that you know…

Please give me a second to explain….

I am expressive, vocal yet introvert by character at the same time,

I am hard headed, I don’t follow trends and I am definitely not easy to be influenced;

I have my own thoughts and unless you are able to convince me, I will always stand by my thought;

I may lack persuasion skills and low emotional quotient socially;

But that should not be construed that I am an extremist that is anti-social;

Who in this world will want to know what is on my mind and what I have to say;

Thanks to the availability of  information technology;

Providing me with an avenue of expressing myself;

I hoped  that my simple blogs via photographs and short essays will help;

To clear some misconceptions that you may have on me. ….

I once excelled but I choose to be become monstrous,

I recovered and I am struggling  to make up for my intentional mistakes and

This is tough ….

This is pricey…..

But no regret…

The experience is valuable

I learned and I am grateful that I am still in this world…….



24 thoughts on “WHO IS GUAI SHU SHU?

  1. How do you say, I am who I am, in Chinese as that is me? I love your honesty and frankness and by the time you reach my age, you are who you are.

    • I am blunt and I never think more about what I am going to do. I am working hard to achieve my goals. Yes, In Chinese, I am who I am is that is me in Chinese…I believe in destiny too…Thanks for dropping by and your support..

  2. 祝元宵快乐! my daughter is craving for Or Nee, am so glad that the first search I stumble upon is your blog. Your receipt is so clear and even better with photos and various method of preparing it. Will try tomorrow..hahaha…keep my fingers crossed

  3. Insightful, honest and unfiltered assessment of oneself. 😋

    The food explaination and the way they are presented makes me want to just dive in and eat!

  4. Hi,

    Love the recipes you posted and the way you encourage everyone to cook. Its really cool. Anyways can I give you a suggestion? Its not easy to find the link to your E books on this blog…so I thought maybe you can make a separate heading so people who wants to buy the books can go straight to the heading and hit the link.
    Just a thought. I felt that you have put in so much effort and you deserve to get that out there.
    I am waiting for more books as to transfer $9 on my credit card ..its going to cost me more for the transaction lol. But I am definitely buying. Its worth every single cent
    Amy in Michigan, USA..ex Australia and originate from Penang , Malaysia

  5. A good fren, tagged me on FB about Lor Mee video from Vietnam, and I am excited at making Lor mee myself, looks fun… And now I am certain of the methods and the ingredients after I kind of bumped into your site… Keep up the recipes…

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