Aloe Vera Sweet Soup
Poached Bosc Pears & Dragon Fruits
Barley Peanut Soup 
Black Glutinous Rice 
Sweet Potato Soup 
Barley/Black Glutinous Rice
Bubur Cha Cha
Fruits Soup (水果牛奶)- Soup Buah
Mung Bean Sweet Soup (绿豆爽)Tau Suan
Sugar Coated Yam and Sweet Potatoes Sticks (反沙芋头地瓜条)
Yam and Pumpkin Paste Desserts With Gingko (白果金瓜芋泥)
Agar Agar
Hoen Kwe – Mung Bean Flour Dessert(粉糕).
Ice -Cream and Desserts
Honey Dew Granita
Blueberry and Strawberry Pavlova
Mango Puddings
Grapefruit Yoghurt Ice Cream
Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Ice Cream
Chrysanthemum Tea
Hawthorn Ume Tea
Roselle Tea
Rhoeo Tricolor Tea 
Hedyotis Diffusa
Black Currant Longan Cocktail (黑加仑子龙眼饮料)
Breads and Pizzas
Sarawak Style Butter Buns
Roast Meat Bun (烧肉包)
Mexican Coffee Buns
Polo Buns
Vegetarian Pizza
English Muffins
Chinese Cakes and Kuehs
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake (1)
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake (2)
Steamed Sugar Cake (白糖糕)
Banana Cake (香蕉蛋糕)
Sarawak Midnight Cake 
Pound Cake – Zebra Patterned
Microwave Mug Cake 
Grapefruit Cognac Pound Cake
Pound Cake – Basic
Grapefruit Chiffon Cake 
Dates Fruits Cake
Layered Pound Cake
Cheesy Tapioca Cake
Batik Cake/Hedgehog slice
Scones, Muffins and Cup Cakes
Peanut Butter Muffins
Eggless, butterless and Milkless Chocolate Cup cake
Raisin Scones
Carrot Muffins
English Muffins
Cheese Cakes
Ferraro Rocher Ice Cream Cheese Cake
Durian Cheese Cake
Red Dragon Fruits Cheese Cake
Pastries, Cookies and Biscuits
Pineapple Tarts 
Coconut Tarts
Traditinal Short Bread Biscuits
Baby Cereal Oatmeal Biscuits
Apple Pie
Red Dragon Fruit Pie Bars
Mooncake – Short Crust Pastry Mooncake
Bread Puddings 
Cake Puddings (蛋糕布丁)
Cookie Puddings (1)
Cookie Puddings (2)
Nonya Chang  (Part I) 
Nonya Chang  (Part II)
Popiah  – Sarawak Style
Kueh Pie Tee 
Roasted Peanuts
Gado Gado
Peanut Mochi (花生麻糬)
Mooncake – Toadstool Moncake
Chinese Style Citrus Zested Pancake
Citrus Zest Chinese Pancake (风吹饼,风筝饼, 烘吹饼)
Breakfast Pancakes (早餐薄煎饼)
Whole Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng) and Mashed Banana Fritters
French Toast With Scramble Eggs (法国吐司及“炒”蛋)
Rice and Porridges
Chicken Rice
Nasi Goreng Aruk
Fried Rice
White Gourd Braised Rice
Pork Porridge
Carbonara Cheesy Baked Rice
Eight Treasure Porridge
Noodles and Pasta Dishes
Kolo Beehoon
Sarawak Laksa – History
Sarawak Laksa – Recipe
Sarawak Laksa – Cooking Illustration
Singapore Prawn Noodles
Tom Yam Noodles
Tomato Yimin Noodles
Soupy Yimin (湿炒伊面)
Meat and Savoury Dishes
Korma Chicken
Grilled Chicken
Ginger Chicken (姜丝鸡)
Braised Chicken with Soya Sauce (酱油鸡) 
Minced Pork with Taukwa
Miso Pork Belly (味增五花)
Meat Rolls (五香肉卷)
Fried Fish Fillet With Ginger & Soya Bean Sauce (姜丝豆酱煎鱼柳)
Braised Eggs and Taukwa (卤蛋和豆干)
Vegetarian Dishes
Sweet and Spicy Tempeh
Vegetable fritters
Vegetable cooking methods
Vegetarian Fried Tom Yam Bee Hoon
Vegetarian Fried Beethyemak Rice Noodles
Hairy Gourd Fried With Minced Meat and Glass Noodles (毛瓜肉碎炒冬粉)
Chinese Lettuce With Fermented Bean Curd Sauce (白腐乳生菜胆) 
Braised Bitter Gourd With Chinese Mustard (苦瓜焖芥菜)
Vegetarian Shark Fin Melon Soup (素鱼翅瓜羹)
Vegetable Dishes
Braised luffa with egg 蛋汁炆丝瓜
Foochow Preserved Mustard Fried With Minced Meat (福州糟菜炒肉碎)
Fried Winged Beans With Minced Meat (肉碎四棱豆)
Blanched Kailan With Prawn (芥兰虾球)
Blanch Romaine lettuce with miso sauce (味真酱罗明旦)
Manchurian Wild Rice Fried With Chicken Strips (鸡丝炒茭白笋)
Tofu and Egg Dishes
Minced Taukwa Omelete (豆干蛋饼)
Braised Eggs and Bean Curd (豆干卤蛋)
Beancurd Omelet (豆干蛋饼)
Celery Omelete (西芹蛋饼)
Steamed Tofu With Eggs (豆腐蒸蛋)
Salted Turnip Omelete (菜脯蛋饼)素
Devilled Eggs
Soup Dishes
Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup ( 玉米排骨汤)
White Carrot Pork Rib Soup (白萝卜排骨汤)
Double Mushroom Chicken Soup (双菇鸡汤)
Bitter Gourd Pineapple Pork Rib Soup (苦瓜黄梨排骨汤)
Chinese Cabbage (Napa) Soup ( 大白菜汤)
Salted Vegetable Duck Soup 
Chinese Style Potato Soup
Pickles and Sauces
Preserved Ginger and Century Egg (皮蛋酸姜)
Mayonnaise And Thousand Island Dressing (蛋黄酱及千岛酱)
Green Chilies Pickles (腌制青辣椒)
Chinese Style Radish Pickles (开胃小菜- 腌制白萝卜)
Coconut Pandanus Jam/Pandan Kaya (香兰加耶酱)
Pasta Sauce 
Chilli Sauces
Interesting Cooking Ingredients 
Eggs – Different Way of Cooking Eggs
Belachan (Shrimp Paste) – Roasting 
Cake Decoration Ideas 


  1. Kenneth,

    I follow your recipe to make salted egg, but I find the top part of the salt water turned mouldy. Do you know why and how to prevent the salt water from turning mouldy.

    Hwee Thiang

    • I am surprise to hear that, usually i used cooked water and close the cover, there is no issue of can try adding a few drops of oil on top of the saline.

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