Life Is Tough, We Have To Get Through This Snowy Mountain First


What Is This Series? – Series 33

The more I cooked, the more pattern I discovered, Obviously is a food item. Whether you know or not is not important. I just like the simple art in our daily lives. Hope you think the same. Cheers.

Series 32’s answer can be found here.

Answer posted on 13-August-2013

IMG_2581        IMG_2588

This is the top of the banana cake that was baked using a food processor. You may want to refer HERE for the baking instructions on Guaishushu’s Facebook Page.

Omg, Is It An Avalanche Or A Special Lava Flow?


What is this series –Series 32?

You know I always set my puzzle related to my kitchen. This is no exception! Simple. If you never see them in the kitchen, there is a possibility that you will meet them in your dining hall! I am sure your “kitchen master” will be able to tell immediately when he/she see this! Have a nice day!

Series 31 Answer can be find HERE.

Answer posted on 11 August 2013


IMG_2468     IMG_2470   

It is nothing more than meringue (beaten egg white) being mixed with the batter of grapefruit chiffon cake. You may want to learn more about grapefruit chiffon cake HERE..

Green, Green, Green! You Made My Head Spinning….


What is this series? – Series 30

These are not grasses. however, it was related to grasses. It have a higher status than grasses because we can eat it. Obvious hint! So what is this? Looking at the shape in detail will tell you.

Series 29’s answer can be found HERE.

Answer: Posted on 8=August-2013.


This is winged beans cut laterally.



What is this series? – Series 29

This is a type of food items shaped into balls. The colour is original colour after it is being cooked. The original raw form is rather spiky with a very hard skin. It is common found in tropical countries. In Thailand, there is one very famous fried rice associated with it. There are lots of cocktails associated with it! Make a guest and have a nice day.

Series 28  Answer is found HERE  

Answer posted on 1 August 2013

IMG_1435 IMG_1482

These are pineapple jam that were shaped into a ball for preparation pineapple tarts. You can learned more about pineapple tarts in this post.

Is It Snow Flake? No, It Does Not Look Like, Then, What is This?


What is this series? – Series 27

I love the colour. It is very bright. This picture have appeared in my blog before. Of course, if it appeared in my blog, it will either be in the kitchen or in the garden…No photographic at all. Look at the colour and you will get the answer very fast….. Cheers.

Series 26 answer can be found HERE.

Answer posted on 23 July 2013


These are breakfast cheese slices that I have used to bake my pasta. You can read find your answer in this post.

I Will Go Insane If I Continue Looking At This…..



What is this series ? Series 27

The above two pictures are of the same item and in fact from the same pictures. The colour is rather irrelevant as this item can be of any color. However, the original color is in the second picture and the first picture are using auto enhance picture of my apps so there are some photographic effects. It is not a curtain for sure but somehow they are related. A common household items not for use or eat but for ……..

Have a nice day!

Series 26’s answer can be found HERE

Answer posted on 19-July-2013


This is my wife shirt. Is it not amazing that you can form a nice pattern from this?