Matcha Cream Cheese Pineapple Rolls (绿茶奶酪凤梨卷)



I have my popular Golf balls pineapple tarts in this post  Golf Ball Pineapple Tarts (凤梨酥)- Part 2


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In this year, I have issued the Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes in this recipe: Taiwanese Pineapple Cake (台式凤梨酥)


But I am lacking another popular pineapple tarts recipe in the form of rolled dough or pineapple rolls.. So I thought this year I will share with readers this pineapple rolls to make my pineapple tarts recipes complete.


I am rather unhappy with my new kitchen gadget, the special rolling pin for this pineapple rolls. I did not research before I bought this cheap gadget in a bakery shop.. When I tried to use, I found that it is not as easy as what I thought. In fact, it is quite tough as the dough is pressed and difficult to roll.


Subsequently, I search in the internet and I found that there is another type of pump which will give a better shape for rolling. I would advise if you do not have any gadget and intend to buy, do buy those that come with a piston type.


In the previous year, many readers are asking me if I have any cream cheese pineapple tarts dough recipe, so i have decided to incorporate this cream cheese and added a green tea flavouring. The taste is delicious and texture is nice but personally, I would prefer the traditional golf balls type of pastry which you can refer to the post above.. But if you are looking for a change, you can always tried this..


I have a big Kenwood Chef mixer, and at time it becomes a burden for the preparation of a small quantity of dough or creaming with butter. Therefore, I have resorted to the use of a food processor in the preparation of dough. This is not a must, you can always use the traditional “rubbing method” or “creaming method” of creaming butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Feel free to use the method that are most suitable to your work flow.


If you need quick and easy pineapple jam recipes, you can refer to this post: Quick and Easy 30 minutes Homemade Pineapple Jam (30 分钟简易凤梨酱)



Servings: About 30-40 rolls depending on size


  • 400 grams of ready made pineapple jam (divided into 40 pineapple jam rolls of about 10 grams each)
  • 400 grams of cakes flour (10% or 25 grams can be substitute with corn flour or custard powder)
  • 125 grams of cold butter 
  • 125 grams of cold cream cheese
  • 30 grams of icing sugar
  • One egg (lightly beaten)
  • 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder

Note that this dough can also be used for golf ball pineapple tarts and open face pineapple tarts



PicMonkey Collage1

  • Shape the pineapple jam into an oblong shape of your desired size. In this illustration , it is about 2 cm long with 1 cm diameter.

  • In a food processor, place the butter, cream cheese, flour , icing sugar and green tea powder, pause blend for 1 minute until the flour and butter and cream cheese combined and become crumble form. Add the beaten eggs, pause blend again until it forms a pliable dough. If it is too dry, you can add milk tablespoon by tablespoon. If it is too wet, you can add flour tablespoon by tablespoon . Do not over blend as it may yields gluten that make the dough chewy. Normal creaming method of beating butter, cream cheese and sugar until light and fluffy can be used too.

  • Transfer the dough out to the work surface, if it is too soft, chill in the fridge for 15-30 minutes or  until it is easier to handle.

PicMonkey Collage2

  • Pre-heat the oven to 160 degree Celsius.

  • Take some portion of the chilled dough, place on top of a baking paper, put another piece of baking paper on top, roll it to about 3-4 mm thickness. Take away the top covering baking paper, use the special rolling pin to roll it once for the pattern to appear. Take one dough and roughly measure the size the required. Cut into required size using either a knife or pizza rolling knife.

PicMonkey Collage3

  • Carefully turn over the dough, put a pineapple jam on top on one part of the dough and it ensuring that all the jams are covered. Transfer the pineapple rolls to the baking tray, egg wash if preferred  and baked in the pre-heated oven of 160 degree Celsius for 12-15 minutes.

  • For egg washing, hand beaten 2 egg yolks and add 2 big tablespoons of water and 2 drops of oil. Sift before application.



i  believed this must be one of my ugliest looking batches of pineapple tarts .. Though taste is good but I believed the look can be further improved. Do give it a try if you wanted a change this year.. It is still melt in the mouth with tint of green tea flavour in the dough. It does go well with the pineapple jam.


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day


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