Is This A Basket?…


What is this series- 11?

This item is a very common sight in bigger cities. Actually, not that tough but nice patterns.

Answer: Posted on 14-May-2013



This is a view I photographed from my balcony overlooking another HDB Block. If you looked carefully, you can find people drying the blankets and the building down there is the construction office of proposed UBI MRT station.

What is this series?–MY THOUGHTS



Sometime when I set the puzzles, I am just wondering if there are any readers following this series.

The rationale behind this series is not an attempt to drive traffics to my blog but more because I love patterns, especially uniform patterns.

During my university days, while the lecturer was lecturing, I would select a seat near the corner of  the lecture theater and start to draw funny patterns on a sheet of blank paper. When my peers asked me what I was drawing, I told them frankly that I don’t know. I am just sketching some patterns that I felt were nice by combining blue, black and red inks; round, triangular, hexagon, square shapes; fine, dotted and semi-dotted lines; shaded and non-shaded areas depending on my moods.

Until today, I still like to design patterns and with the availability of computer graphics imaging technologies and I-phone applications, I found that I can design many patterns within a short period of time and I thought it would be nice to share with readers and this can also serve as a record of what I was designing. May be one day I will compile into an E-gallery and give it to my kids for remembrance.

Hope you like the series. Cheers

What is this series–8?


Today’s item is common found in the kitchen, if you are observant on my post, you will spot it in one of the picture.

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Answer: posted on 11-May-2013



It is the lotus root cutting after cutting off the sides. I use the side for fried rice. Who say lotus root must be round in shape?


What is this series–7?


Today’s is something that is found in nature and if you are observant enough, you will bound to solve the puzzle.

Answer: posted on 9-May-2013

IMG_2006  IMG_2009  IMG_2008

This puzzle is relative easy. However, when I set the puzzle, the picture appeared to be some sort of steep mountain cliffs and the third picture resembles a river that dries during prolong drought.

What is this series–6?


Today’s pattern is something found in every house. However, not household have the same patterns. Try to guess and answers provided tomorrow.

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Answer: posted on 8-5-2013


It is pattern of our bed-sheet. Is it not a nice pattern if we make an effort to arrange it? I like the color combination very much.

What is this series–5?



Today item is rather common in our daily lives. Of course, the original color cannot be disclosed and the answer will be released tomorrow. Hopes this will  provide you give you some lighter moments and if  you like pattern puzzle, you can follow WHAT IS THIS SERIES.

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