Compilation of Chinese Kuih’s Crust/Skin and Fillings (中国传统糕点皮及馅之汇编)

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This is a long due post and in fact i have wanted to do this compilation for quite a while… Today, I squeezed out some time to do a summary on the traditional kuih fillings and its skin or technically called crust … If you need a certain filling recipe, just click on the picture or the link to go to the relevant recipe.

Making traditional kuih is basically a mix and  match of skin (crust) and fillings. Any crust can be match with any type of fillings. This post will be divided 2 sections: crust and fillings


Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, potatoes crust

– The crust will stay soft until next day. Among which , yam is the best. The crust recipes is in : Red Tortoise Steamed Cake, Angku Kuih (红龟粿). The colour of the crust will depend on the type of sweet potatoes that you are using. It can be orange or purple or any other type of colour.


Cudweed or mugwort crust – In Singapore and Malaysia, there is practically no cudweed available, as such most household use mugwort to substitute instead. The recipe is the same in this post –  Black Tortoise Cake or O Ku Kueh (黑龟粿) or Teochew Chi Kak Kuih (潮州鼠麹糕)- Mugwort version

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Other crust – Using a combination of glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour and rice flour, you can refer to the following posts: Png Tao (饭桃, 米包米, 饭粿, 潮州红桃粿)


Teochew Ku Chai Kuih (潮州韭菜粿)


Soon Kuih Or Chai Kuih? Teochew Soon Kuih (笋粿)


Hainanese Coconut Kuih or E Bua or Yi Ba (海南薏粑粿)



Sweet Mung Bean Fillings (甜豆蓉馅) – Same as Chi Kak Kuih Fillings


Savory sweet mung bean fillings (半咸甜馅) – Same as Black Tortoise Kuih or O Ku Kuih Fillings


Salty Ginger Flavoured mung bean fillings (姜香甜馅) – Same as O Ku Kuih recipe

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Peanut Fillings(花生馅)– Same as Red Tortoise Steamed Cake, Angku Kuih (红龟粿)


Yam Fillings (芋头馅) – Same fillings as : Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake (千层芋泥酥)



Coconut Fillings (椰丝咸): Same as kuih koci fillings


Coconut fillings (椰丝馅): Hainanese Coconut Kuih or E Bua or Yi Ba (海南薏粑粿)


Glutinous Rice Fillings (糯米馅): Png Tao (饭桃, 米包米, 饭粿, 潮州红桃粿)


Chives Fillings (韭菜馅): Teochew Ku Chai Kuih (潮州韭菜粿)


Jicama or yam bean or sengkuang fillings (沙葛馅): Soon Kuih Or Chai Kuih? Teochew Soon Kuih (笋粿)



I hope that this post will benefit those who are looking their preferred skin or crust of Chinese kuih and their favourite fillings. Just remember the following simple rules:

  • For softer skin, always used puree of potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes and pumpkin
  • For white colour kuih where purees cannot be used, rice flour make a kuih easier to shape but harder, glutinous rice flour make a kuih skin softer and tapioca starch or other starches make is chewy and transparent.
  • For all the flours used, hot water is essential to half cooked the flour so that the dough can be knead.. Otherwise, the dough will be flaky and have a tendency to break.
  • Water shall be added slowly until a pliable dough is formed.
  • If dough is too sticky, can add some oil to facilitate shaping and a good dough shall not stick to your mould.
  • For any moulding, the first kuih shall be prepare on a trial basis. You should determine the dough to filling ratio. My usual dough to filling ratio is 1:1 meaning if dough is 20 grams, fillings is 20 grams.

Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.