What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 4-7-2013


On 4 July 2013,

White rice served with:

1 White Carrot Pork Rib Soup 白萝卜排骨汤
2 Braised Eggs and Bean Curd  豆干卤蛋
3 French Beans Stir Fried with Shimeji Mushrooms 清炒四季豆及白玉菇
4 Braised bitter gourd with fermented black beans 苦瓜焖豆豉

A very normal day with simple dish. The braised bitter gourd was cooked by wife’s god mother and she usually braised the bitter gourd with pork belly and fermented black beans. Both white carrot pork rib soup and braised eggs and bean curd pictorial illustration have been posted in Guaishushu Fanbook page. Please click the above link.

For lunch, i have fried some rice and I name the fried rice as “Nameless fried rice (无名炒饭)”.

The pictorial illustration are here.

Good night and have a nice day.

Fungi and Mushrooms I found in Singapore

Fungi or mushroom series – I take a stroll in Bedok Reservoir Park prior to my weekly marketing at a supermarket next to the reservoir. I am extremely delighted to find many species of mushroom thriving in the damp and moist areas during my half an hour stroll. Just unsure if these mushrooms are edible. However, it resemble the mushrooms that were sold in the supermarket! Do I still need to visit the fresh vegetable section in the supermarket??? Nature is wonderful and most is not appealing to the urban dwellers.🍄Weather is ⛅☔last few days, and I presumed that stimulated the growth of these mushrooms. Just posted by a simple ordinary man walking in the street. (at Bedok Reservoir Park)

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We inoculated our mushroom logs yesterday! I wasn’t able to post the how-to with the photos (see photos on my blog)…First we soaked the oak logs in the creek til water-logged. Next we drilled holes around the logs for the spores. Once the spores were in place we covered each one with melted wax to…

Mushroom and fungi series – mushrooms cultivation a step further..the growing of shiitake mushrooms in oak logs. Thanks for sharing!

River Veins: We inoculated our mushroom logs yesterday! I wasn’t able to post the…

Mushroom and Fungi in my home…

Mushrooms and fungi series – While writing this series,I have to prepare meals for my kids. They are mushrooms fanatics. A search in my fridge and kitchen cabinets found these mushrooms. I ended up preparing fried rice (with lots of mushrooms) and sweet corn soup with other Chinese herbs and dry mushrooms. See if you can find the mushrooms in my fried rice.

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Daily Bite: When you’re going vegetarian or looking for a satisfying meatless recipe, reach for mushrooms! With their distinctive texture and flavor boosting powers, you won’t even notice the meal is missing meat.

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Do some of the mushrooms look the same as what I found