Easy Peasy Lasagne…….



There is nothing to shout about this post. A simple lasagne tailored to meet my taste buds. Since young, I am not taking beefI do not have many chances to eat lasagne because it was usually served using beef.. Looking at the ingredients, I knew I will like it. I decided to try, but instead of beef, I have substituted with pork and I believed minced chicken is equally applicable.


On one of the trips to a big Singapore supermarket, I saw this semolina lasagne sheets, I decided to try making it for our dinners.. I have prepared this based on the normal way of spaghetti preparation. Instead of using beef, I used minced pork. Preparation is very easy as I followed exactly the instructions as in the package and what came out is a delicious “tin” of lasagne. (Note that as I do not have any casserole dish big enough for the lasagne, I have used an 8” detachable baking tin instead.) Please follow the packaging instructions in the lasagne sheets that you have purchased as every brands may be different slightly.



Servings : One 8” baking tray (5-6 adult servings)


All quantities listed here are for reference as variations are many and the dish is full of flexibilities

  • 500 grams of minced meat (beef, pork or chicken)
  • 2 tomatoes cut into cubes (optional)
  • 5 sausages or chicken franks cut into small pieces
  • 1 onion cut into small pieces
  • 200-300 grams of shredded mozzarella/ricotta/parmesan/cheddar cheeses
  • 100-200 grams of mixed vegetables (peas, corns, carrots) – optional
  • 250 grams of lasagne sheets
  • 1 bottle of ready made tomato pasta sauce (about 500 grams)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Some Italian herbs mix (optional)
  • Some aluminium foils




This set of instruction is from the lasagne sheets packaging. Every brand may have different instructions. Therefore, prepare it in accordance with the packaging instructions. This post aims to give readers some pictorial illustrations to complement your packaging instructions.

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.

  • Lightly greased an 8” square baking tin or your preferred casserole.


  • In a hot sauce pan, put the olive oil and onion. Stir fry until the onion are soft. Add mixed vegetables, tomato cubes, minced meat and stir fry for 2 minutes. Add pasta sauce and cut chicken franks. Let it simmer for about 3-4 minutes or until the meat and vegetables are soft and soak all the pasta sauce.  Should the need arises, add some water.


  • Add half of the cheeses and let it simmer for another 1-2 minutes. Off the heat and set aside.


  • Lightly grease a baking tin. Put a few pieces of the lasagne sheets to cover the bottom. Add in some pasta sauces, level it and sprinkle generously the cheeses on top of the pasta sauce.



  • Put another layer of lasagne sheets followed by pasta sauce and cheeses. Do the same for the remaining until the pasta sauces have finished. On the last layer, sprinkle generously with Italian herbs and cheeses. Add about half a cup of water in the baking tray.



  • Use an aluminium foil to cover the baking tin. Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 45 minutes.


  • After 45 minutes, open the aluminium foil, and continue baking for another 15 minutes. Best served hot with additional parmesan cheeses and desired fresh herbs.




Again, a simple dish to prepare. Nothing to shout about. Just follow the packaging instructions and you can have some delicious lasagne. I will definitely prepare this again as it is well liked by my family members.


Hope you like the post today. Have a nice day and cheers.



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