15 Local Singapore And Malaysian Kuih and Snack Special Compilation

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This is a special compilation for mostly Singaporean and Malaysian hawker centre’s cakes (kuih) and snacks. Most of the local Singaporean and Malaysian have take for granted this kuih’s and snacks as it is easily available at reasonable price in the hawker centres, road side stalls or coffee shops. However, for overseas readers, they have missed the snack and will try to replicate based on whatever local cooking ingredients that they have. The list will continue to be added as I have vowed to have more Asian snacks and Kuih recipe’s in the future.

Click on the blue colour link to the respective recipes.

Steamed Chicken Sticky Rice (Lo Mai Gai)  (糯米鸡)

Oyster omelette (耗煎,耗蛋)

Chwee Kueh (水粿)

Radish/Turnip/Carrot/Daikon Cake (腊味萝卜糕)

Nonya Steamed Layered Cake (九层糕)Kueh Lapis 

Kueh Salat/Kueh Seri Muka (椰香糯米蒸糕)

Kueh Ketayap/Kueh Dadar Gulong (香兰椰丝卷)

Pulut Panggang ( 糯米虾米卷)

Epok-epok (Money Bag Curry Puffs) (咖喱卜)

Murtabak Manis or Apam Balik (面煎饼)

Steamed Yam and Pumpkin Cake (芋头金瓜糕)

Steamed Tapioca Cake Or Kuih Ubi Kayu (木薯蒸糕)

Hainanese Coconut Kuih or E Bua or Yi Ba (海南薏粑粿)

Alum Free Youtiao (无臭粉油条)

Ma La Gao/Ma Lai Gao (马来糕)


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