Is It Snow Flake? No, It Does Not Look Like, Then, What is This?


What is this series? – Series 27

I love the colour. It is very bright. This picture have appeared in my blog before. Of course, if it appeared in my blog, it will either be in the kitchen or in the garden…No photographic at all. Look at the colour and you will get the answer very fast….. Cheers.

Series 26 answer can be found HERE.

Answer posted on 23 July 2013


These are breakfast cheese slices that I have used to bake my pasta. You can read find your answer in this post.

What is this series–7?


Today’s is something that is found in nature and if you are observant enough, you will bound to solve the puzzle.

Answer: posted on 9-May-2013

IMG_2006  IMG_2009  IMG_2008

This puzzle is relative easy. However, when I set the puzzle, the picture appeared to be some sort of steep mountain cliffs and the third picture resembles a river that dries during prolong drought.