What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 29-5-2013


On 29 May 2013,

White rice served with:

1. Old Cucumber Pork Rib Soup 老黄瓜排骨汤
2. Taukwa fried with Chinese celery 芹菜炒豆干
3. Bitter gourd braised with Chinese fermented bean 豆瓣酱炆苦瓜
4. Chinese spinach cooked with goof berry 枸杞子炒苋菜

Dish no. 3 is a vegetarian dish. This is the dish I used to cook when I am having my yearly vegetarian meals. It is bitter gourd braised with ginger and fermented beans, dark soya sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce. The aroma of ginger mixed with fermented beans is more than adequate to offset the bitterness of bitter gourd!

Dish no. 2 is a simple dish using Chinese celery to stir fry with taukwa (another version of bean curd but with lesser moisture contents). I have put some sweet sauce and dark soya sauce and it is just a nice dish to eat with white rice.

I have been posting what I cooked for exactly a month (from April 30 to May 29). In fact, it is quite a fun thing. Every time I looked at the food pictures that I took, I will feel hungry myself and my daughter have joked with me that may be in one of the meals, just print out some pictures and eat with the white rice!!

Do stay “tuned” as a summary of all the dishes will be released soon and I hope to receive feedbacks and comments from all readers.

Happy reading!

What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 9-5-2013



On 9-May-2013

White rice served with:

  1. Lotus Root Pork Rib Soup (莲藕排骨汤)
  2. Chinese Styled Smoked Chicken (中式薰鸡腿)
  3. Chinese Spinach braised with Century Eggs (皮蛋烩苋菜)

In the picture, you can find one plate of noodles. This is the fried egg noodles that I have prepared for lunch. Therefore, I intentionally cooked less for dinner.

The smoked chicken is actually prepared by one of my brothers back in Kuching and it is a specialty dish for our Chawan (诏安) clan. It was brought to me by my niece when she visited me about a month ago and I have kept it in the freezer it until today. This smoked chicken is unique in the sense that it was smoked with sugar and sugar cane instead of the salty version that I tasted in China and western countries . I would not do it in Singapore as it will be very smoky (like barbeque inside an apartment) and would definitely attract criticisms or complains from neighbors.

Today’s vegetable is not actually stir fried but more of a form of short braising. Century egg is added to enhance the taste though the final dish did not look that nice.  In the restaurant, they have also include salted eggs and called it Chinese spinach braised with double eggs.