Homemade Baileys Coffee Filling (百利酒咖啡馅)



I am eating a piece of snow skin moon cake that I prepared with my creative fillings: Baileys coffee filling with macadamia nuts. I loved it and kids love it.. It is aromatic with hint of bailey’s flavour. Sorry for not humble to say, I am confident that this filling will be acceptable by most foodies who like Baileys coffee liquor in view of the many new flavour created in this lucrative moon cake market in recent years.


Frankly speaking, Baileys is not as ideal as Khalua, another coffee liquor in terms of aroma. Since I do not have Khalua, I have decided to use Baileys instead and I believed most household will have Baileys instead of Khalua.


I may or may not issue any additional new fillings recipe and the objective of this post is to share with readers how to transform from the basic fillings into flavoured fillings. There are many many many choices that readers can consider and it very much depends on readers’ creativity. Matcha powder, chocolate powder or even charcoal powder can all be used. If you are game enough, use flavouring such as lychee, banana and other fruits flavouring to come unique moon cake fillings that differentiate your moon cake with others.

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For this recipe, I have used my lotus paste fillings as in this post:  Homemade Lotus Seeds Paste (家居自制莲蓉馅料). This filling can be used but it is a bit of waste since lotus  seeds can be rather expensive.


Another good, cheap and common alternative is mung bean paste (or kidney bean paste). This is definitely more worthwhile if you want to do flavoured moon cake fillings. You can refer to the following post for the filling recipe; Homemade Mung Bean Paste (白豆沙 / 绿豆沙)


I have tried to use the filling in the preparation of snow skin moon cake and it is especially tasteful after keeping in the fridge for a day.



Servings: Prepare about 500 grams of moon cake fillings


  • 500 grams of mung bean paste or lotus paste
  • 10 grams of instant espresso coffee powder (or coffee emulco)
  • 10 grams of cocoa powder
  • 5 tablespoons of Baileys coffee liquor or Khalua



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  • Put one tablespoons of hot water into the instant coffee and stir until it resembles a coffee paste.

  • In a non stick pan under medium heat, put the mung bean paste, coffee paste and cocoa powder, stir until well combined. Add the Baileys, stir until well combined. Stir fry until the colour are consistent and don’t stick to the pan. Depending on the the mung bean paste used, if it is too try, you can add some water or cooking oil to facilitate the stir frying. For moon cake filling purposes, the filling have to be drier such that it will not be deform when mould into shapes.

  • Once completely cooled, keep it in an air tight container and store in a refrigerator. Best prepare 1 week before the preparation of moon cake.



Readers are asking me about the period that this homemade paste can be kept. So far, all the paste that I have prepared as early as 3 weeks ago still in good condition in the refrigerator. However, as homemade paste do not have any preservatives, there is a possibility that the paste can turn bad if contaminated. Therefore, I would advise that homemade paste be prepared as near the moon cake preparation as possible.


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Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.