Sweet Potatoes Donuts aka Kuih Keria (甜薯圈)



Kuih keria is a type of local Malay snacks and I really do not have much things to write about this kuih commonly sold in Malay kuih stalls.


I do not have the  literature to support the name , I do not know how it evolved and I only know that it is a type of sugar coated sweet potatoes donuts. It is aromatic, slightly denser than normal donuts and delicious.


Since I have some sweet potatoes and I am trying to finish off as many kuih recipe as possible, I have decided to try out preparing it. Preparation is not difficult though the dough can be slightly sticky when doing the shaping. As for the sugar coating, you can either do the coating or you can dust with icing sugar just like the normal donuts..


As per Wikipedia Bahasa Malaysia, it was written that:

“Kuih keria (atau kuih gelang) merupakan sejenis kuih tradisional Melayu. Berasaskan keledek dengan campuran tepung, gula dan garam. Ia dicanai dan dibentuk seperti cincin ataupun gelang tangan. Biasanya, kuih ini disaluti dengan gula mahupun cairan gula (gula cair). Kuih ini sering dijamah dan dihidang ketika sarapan dan waktu minum petang.” (Source: https://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuih_keria)



Servings: prepared 10-15 kuih keria depends on size


  • 300 grams of sweet potatoes
  • 80 grams of self raising flour
  • 30 grams of rice flour
  • Pinches of salt

Sugar coating

  • 50 grams of castor sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of water



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  • Steam the sweet potatoes until soft. Put all the ingredients in a food processor, blend until fine.

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  • Lightly knead the dough and shape oblong. if it is too sticky, add more self raising flour until your hand can handle the stickiness.

  • Use a knife to cut dough of about 1-2 cm thickness. Shape round, lightly press down using the palm, use something round to make a hole in the centre. The hole shall not be too small as it will expand when deep frying hence closing the gap. If you have a donut cutter, you can use too. Alternatively before throwing into the hot oil, insert your fingers in the cavity and slightly pull the hole bigger.

  • Deep fry in a pot of hot oil under medium heat until the donut turns golden brown. Drained and set aside.

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  • Heat up the sugar and the water in a pot and bring to boil. Boil until it resembles a thick syrup. Take a tablespoon out and if it coated the tablespoon when touches cold air, the syrup is considered as ready. Put the donuts in and use a ladle to “stir fry” the donuts until it coats well.  Transfer out and cool completely before serving.



Pardon me for this short post as i really do not have much to say about the kuih except that it is delicious kuih.. Remember that you can always dust with icing sugar and you will be able to adjust to the sweetness that you like.


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.


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