Is It Snow Flake? No, It Does Not Look Like, Then, What is This?


What is this series? – Series 27

I love the colour. It is very bright. This picture have appeared in my blog before. Of course, if it appeared in my blog, it will either be in the kitchen or in the garden…No photographic at all. Look at the colour and you will get the answer very fast….. Cheers.

Series 26 answer can be found HERE.

Answer posted on 23 July 2013


These are breakfast cheese slices that I have used to bake my pasta. You can read find your answer in this post.

I Will Go Insane If I Continue Looking At This…..



What is this series ? Series 27

The above two pictures are of the same item and in fact from the same pictures. The colour is rather irrelevant as this item can be of any color. However, the original color is in the second picture and the first picture are using auto enhance picture of my apps so there are some photographic effects. It is not a curtain for sure but somehow they are related. A common household items not for use or eat but for ……..

Have a nice day!

Series 26’s answer can be found HERE

Answer posted on 19-July-2013


This is my wife shirt. Is it not amazing that you can form a nice pattern from this?

Hmmm, Green And Red Are Not A Bad Combination At All….


What is this series? – Series 26

This is relatively easy. I just like the colour. From the colour you may be able to guess the 3 food items that we are consuming. Try as it is very obvious.

Series 25’s answer can be found HERE.


Answer posted on 18th July 2013


These are green and red bell peppers (capsicum) that I have blended for making of my pasta sauce. The picture is in this puzzle is not very clear but when you actually seeing it, it is just so lovely. When I scoop out the blended peppers, I tell myself that I must take a picture because the irregular red and green chunks just looked so bright and lovely.

Hope you like it.

It Look So Cute To Put Into My Mouth….


What is this series? – Series 25

This is a fruit/vegetable commonly found both in Asian and Western countries. As compare with Asian countries, Western countries used more in their cooking than its Asian counterparts. It can be eaten raw…

Have a nice day.

Answer posted on 17 July 2013


These are tomatoes that have been de-skinned for purposes of making my pasta sauce. A post will be due to release soon and you may want to see my pasta sauce here.

Are You Sure We Are Drinking Something Like This?


What is this series ? – Series 24

I have been stopping this series for quite a while, not because I do not have the patterns or designs but because I am too engrossed on the other series. I am sorry to all readers who follow this series.

Today picture is a bit tough, There is no photographic effects except 9 similar pictures put together. Just a hint, it is some type of herbs that we boiled for the drinks especially for the Chinese …The lighter color plant are also commonly drink by Europeans and Americans. It is a type of flower tea.. The other one is a bit tough, supposed to be purple in colour when fresh….

Cheers and have a nice day

Goodness me, this container is full of worms!


What is this series – Series 23?

Is this too easy? It is actually. If you follow my blog, you will sure to find it. Again, I just like the pattern. It is not a competition and this is just design!

Answer posted : 15 July 2013



It is Nasi Aruk fried rice. Just some close look up of the fried rice. You can know more about Nasi Aruk fried rice or Kampong fried rice or village fried rice here.

Hey, is that a boot? No, that is somebody riding a horse! Is it?


What is this series – Series 22?

Today is a bit tough. You will be surprised when the answer is disclosed. The things in the picture are very very big and you can still go round it in about 80 days!

Answer posted on 9-June-2013


This is several world maps in a flower shape overlapping each other. The dark blue color is Spain, Italy and other Southern Europe countries. Another part of the map is northern Aftrica. The boot is Italy.

Irregularity is also such a beauty!


What is this series – Series 21?

You will be surprised that there are no photographic effects. It is just some form of rearranging. I am really de-stressed when I completed this puzzle. It lights me up! Some natural things.

Series 20  answer can be found here.

Answer posted on 1-June-2013:


This is Rhoeo Discolor leaves when I washed it in the water before I brew the Rhoeo Drink. You can learned more about it here.

I insist that I am beautiful even you want to chase me out of this house!


What is this Series ? – Series 20

No photographic adjustments of any kind is used to day. This item will be throw away after the photo taking. That’s why, they are complaining. Not that tough at all.

Series 19’s answer can be found HERE.

Answer posted on: 29 May 2013


These were the cupcakes cups that I used for making the mini Chinese Steamed Sponge Cakes as mentioned in the post “THE PLIGHTS OF THE KUEY NENG KO” HERE.

Uniformity is a beauty, don’t you think so?


What is this? – Series 19

Did not do any photographic effects except re-arranging the photos. The color is not that attractive but I found the patterns were very nice. Is it not? It is an item almost all households will have.

Series 18 answers can be found HERE.

Answer: Posted on 27-May-2013


These are the cloth hangers that I have in my room. Can you appreciate the pattern?