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I am sorry that I did not updated this old blog since i have the new blog http://www.guaishushu1.com. However, this blog is still alive.

Just an update, the 24 posts that I have issued in the last weeks are as follows. Please click on the title or picture to go to individual recipes in the new blog. If you are following my old blog www. https://kwgls.wordpress.com, I would appreciate if you can follow the new blog too..

Due to the transition to this new blog, I have in in fact missed out a lot of readers of the old blog (https://kwgls.wordpress.com) who are still not away of the new blog http://www.guaishushu1.com. I just hope that they have a chance to see this update and follow me to get new recipes. On and off, I will update this blog and some sections of the old blog will be closing soon after Chinese New Year.

SPECIAL COMPILATION OF 80 CHINESE NEW YEAR RECIPES–PART 1–Cookies, Snacks and Cakes ( 80 春节食谱汇编 1–糕点和曲奇)


Poon Choi aka Peng Cai or Basin Dish (盆菜)


Red Bean Niangao (红豆年糕)


Auspicious Koi Agar Agar (吉祥鲤鱼燕菜)


Agar Agar Sweets (燕菜糖)


Monkey Fortune Biscuits (猴王贺饼)


Chickpeas cookies (马豆酥)


Cashew Nut Cookies (腰豆酥饼)


Coffee Cookies (咖啡曲奇)


Chinese Almond Biscuits (杏仁酥饼)


Oreo Milky Biscuits (Oreo 奶香饼干)

Oreo Milky Biscuits (Oreo 奶香饼干) 26

Traditional Flower Moulded Chinese New Year Snack–Honeycomb cookies, Kuih Loyang aka Kuih Ros (蜂巢饼或糖环)


Kampar Chicken Biscuit (Kai Zai Paeng or 鸡仔饼)


Lemon/Orange Meringue Kisses or Ice Cream Cookies (香橙蛋白霜饼/冰淇淋饼)


Prune Lapis (黑枣千层蛋糕)


Special Compilation On Egg White Recipes (蛋清食谱特别汇总)


Braised Egg Whites (卤蛋白)


Classic Cottage or Shepherd Pie (牧羊人馅饼)


Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup–Samgyetang (삼계탕 韩式人参鸡汤)


Braised Sea Cucumber With Minced Meat (海参酿肉)


Chinese Preserved Radish Steamed Fish (菜脯蒸鱼)


Sambal Stingray (烧烤魔鬼鱼)

Sambal Stingray (烧烤魔鬼鱼) 36

Sichuan Style Dried Fried French Beans (干煸四季豆)


Mixed Fruit Log Cake (杂果树桐蛋糕)




Special Compilation of Cookies and Biscuits (曲奇及饼干特别汇编)

 PicMonkey Collage1


This is a special compilation of the biscuits and cookies recipes that were issued by the blog. For recipe, please click on the pictures or the blue colour link to go individual posts. At least half of the cookies and biscuits are suitable for festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Diwali or Christmas. It is hope that this simple compilation of cookies will help the readers to look for the relevant cookies.

Plum Blossom Cookies – A cream cheese thumbprint  cookies with strawberry jam (featured by Asian Food Channel)


Pineapple Tarts – A type of short crust pastry enclosed tarts with pineapple jam


Open Faced Pineapple Tarts (凤梨挞)


Kueh Bankgit – A coconut flavoured light starch cookies

img_6574_thumb (1)

Mung Bean Cookies or Kuih Koya (绿豆糕)


Macadamia Russian Tea Cakes – A buttery cookies that are with mouthful of macadamia nuts


Spicy Shrimp Floss Cookies – A savoury cookie that is spicy and full of dried shrimp floss.


Kaasstengels – A savoury cheesy cookie made of Edam Cheese and Cheddar cheese


Kueh Momo – A melt in the mouth buttery cookie made with only ghee and flour dusted with sugar powder


Traditional short bread biscuits – A buttery biscuit dusted with rose petals making it stands out in a tray of cookies


Almond sugee cookies – Made from ghee/butter together with semolina flour. Another melt in the mouth cookie.


Melting moments – It is like Danish butter cookies made from butter and sugar.


Daisy Biscuits, Biskuit Semperit, Biskuit Dahlia, 挤花饼干


ANZAC biscuits (澳纽燕麦饼干) – though this biscuit is rather big, one can prepare in a smaller version and it will be another nice biscuit in a tray of cookies.


Baby Cereal Oatmeal Biscuits 


Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chips Cookies (山寨版之Famous Amos 巧克力曲奇)


Red Velvet White Chocolate Chips Cookies (天然红色天鹅绒饼干)


Yin Yang Chocolate Macadamia Biscuits


Orange Butter Cookies (香橙牛油饼干)


Plain Tea Biscuits (家居自制基本茶饼)


Saltine Crackers


Graham Biscuit (全麦饼干)


Miso Tofu Cookies (味噌豆腐饼干 or 味噌豆腐ビスケット)


  Coconut Delights – A three ingredients simple snacks good for small gatherings during Chinese New Year.


Microwave Cookies


Cheesy Biscuit Bites (芝士小饼干)


Wang Zhai Little Mantou, Tamago Boro (旺仔小馒头)


Gingerbread Man Biscuits


Cranberry Orange Christmas Star Cookies


Pistachio and Almond Biscotti (开心果及杏仁饼干)


Italian Breadsticks (意大利面包条)Thumbs up


  • For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 8 June 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit the blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE to keep abreast of my future posts.  

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Basic Bread Dough Recipe And Plum Blossom Sausage Buns (梅花香肠面包)



This is a simple dough recipe that I would like to recommend readers to consider keeping for preparing common breakfast buns. It is is easy and faster to prepare and yields a soft and fluffy bread. It can be used for many buns, donuts and even pizza.


I usually prepare about 500 grams of dough (flour only), used the portion I wanted , deep freeze the dough and used in for the next few bakes. For more detail of Deep freezing and thawing frozen dough, please refer to: Freezing And Thawing Yeasted Bread Dough.


In this post I will share the basic dough recipe, shaping of plum blossom sausage buns and pizza crust.


Using the same bread dough and with slight modifications in various batches, I have prepared the following:

Hot dog Buns

Deep fried donuts

Red Bean Flower Sweet Buns


Blueberry Sweet Bread

Hamburger Buns



Servings: about 1 kilo of bread dough


Bread dough

  • 500 grams of bread flour
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 11 grams (1 packet) of instant dry yeast
  • 30 grams of butter (melted) or cooking oil
  • 1 egg
  • 220 grams of plain water


For Plum Sausage Buns

  • 5 sausages
  • 1 egg
  • Some spring onion or parsley
  • 250 grams of  frozen dough
  • Pinches of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of cooking oil



Preparation of basic dough


  • In a mixing  bowl, mixed all the ingredients  together. Use a spoon to slightly stir it until it form a sticky dough. Use the dough hook in the machine to beat the dough at medium to low speed (speed 2 in Kenwood Chef or Kitchen Aid) for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, change from medium to high speed (speed 4 kin Kenwood Chef or Kitchen Aid) for about 7 minutes until the dough is smooth and leaves the side of the mixing bowl. Transfer the dough out to a lightly flour surface.

PicMonkey Collage1

  • Lightly knead for 1-2 minutes and let it proof until double in size. Cover the dough with a wet towel or clingy wrap. Proofing time will depends on the weather but it will take about more or less 30 minutes in Singapore weather.

  • After first proofing, take the portion of dough you want to use and keep the others in the freezer. Best practise is to let the proof dough go into the freezer in a bowl without wrapping. Once the dough cool down about 1 hour later, wrap the dough in some clingy wrap and place in an air tight container. The reason for this step is to avoid water vapour condensation that may wet your dough when you are defrosting. Once the yeast is dormant, no more carbon dioxide will be released and wrapping the dough will not yield any water condensation droplets.

Preparation of Pizza Crust

Note that this pizza crust was prepared using fresh dough and the remaining I have used it for the preparation of plum blossom sausage buns as shared below.

PicMonkey Collage2

  • Put some of the fresh dough (after first proofing), shape round and put on a piece of baking paper. Put on top of the dough ball another piece of baking paper. Roll the ball using a rolling pin in a round shape the size and thickness you want. Let it proof until it double in size and bake in the pre-heated oven of 190 degree Celsius for 10-15 minutes.


  • Continue the preparation of pizza by putting your desired topping and baked again until the cheeses melts.



  • I have used 250 grams for making two 9” pizzas but that depends on how thick and how big you want your pizza to be. Therefore, some discretion on the quantity used is needed when you prepare the dough).

  • If you want thin and crispy pizza, your dough should be much smaller and your thickness of dough before proofing should be about 2 mm. (end pizza thickness = 4 mm) For thicker pizza, generally the dough thickness should be about 5 mm before proofing. (end pizza thickness = 1 cm)


Preparation Of Plum Blossom Sausage Buns

Note that I have prepared this plum blossom sausage buns based on the frozen dough that I prepared for the pizza crust earlier. It was deep froze for about a week.


  • Take out the frozen dough, once the dough is slightly soft and can be cut by knife (5 minutes later), cut 5 dough of 50 grams each. Let it defrost in the room temperature until completely soft. As this is a small dough, therefore, defrosting is very fast and probably it will take about 10 minutes depending on the day’s weather.

  • Once the dough is soft, put in a flour surface, roll the dough using a rolling pin into a square shape following the length of your sausage. Put a sausage on top of the dough. Pat the dough with some flour if there are some water vapour condensation on the dough.


  • Use the dough to roll up the sausage. Cut into 5 equal pieces. Twist the dough such that the five cut surfaces of the sausage face upwards. Don’t worry that your twisting will be ugly, as long as the cut sausage is of the same length/size and the dough properly wrapped the sausages, it will look okay after second proofing and final baking.


  • Pre=heat the oven to 190 degree Celsius.

  • Get ready a bowl, mix the egg, pinches of salt , chopped onion or parsley and cooking oil. Stir until well combined. If you wish, you can add other spices such as black pepper or substitute with oregano.

  • After second proofing, take a small spoon and put some of the egg mixture on the centre of the sausage dough. If there are extra, just brush it on the side of the buns. Bake in the pre-heated oven of 190 degree Celsius for 10-12 minutes or when the bread turn golden brown.



If this basic dough recipe works for many bakes, why is there a need to keep many recipes… A rather long post and hope  I  did not miss out any point ..

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Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.



  • For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 28 July 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit the blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE to keep abreast of my future posts.  



Special Compilation of 10 common Mooncake Recipes (10 种月饼食谱特别汇编)

PicMonkey Collage1


This is a special compilation of mooncake recipes to facilitate readers to locate recipes in the blog and I wish to take this opportunity to wish readers an advance HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL, 2014.

For individual recipes just click on the title or individual recipes to go the respective posts.


Baked Traditional Mooncake (传统粤式月饼)


Gongzai Mooncake or Doll Mooncake (公仔月饼, 香化饼)


Durian Ice Cream Snowskin Mooncake (冰皮榴莲月饼)


Moon cake – Toadstool Moon Cake *


Shanghai Moon Cake (上海月饼)


Moon cake – Short Crust Pastry Moon Cake 


Suzhou Style Meaty Mooncake (苏式鲜肉月饼)


Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake (千层芋泥酥)


Teochew Traditional Moon cake (潮汕朥饼)


Citrus Zested Kite Mooncake (风吹饼,风筝饼, 烘吹饼)


Orange Snow Cake (橘皮云片雪花糕)



I hope that this compilation helps the readers to locate the recipe and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers for your support. The blog reached a milestone of achieving its one millionth (1,000,000) readership yesterday since it was set up on May 2013. Thank you and much appreciate. Without all of your support, I will not continue the blog until today.

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  • For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 28 July 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit the blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE to keep abreast of my future posts.  

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Guaishushu’s Report Card–Top 30 posts For The First Blogging Year From 1-5-2013 t0 30-4-2014

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These posts have squeezed in the top 30 listing. However,bearing in mind that some posts are issued and some posts are issued for a shorter period of time. What shocked me is entry No.14 – Pandan Huat Kuih that was only issued in one day. Please clicked on the blue coloured linked or the pictures to enter individual post if you are interested.

1    Another Singapore Malaysia Hawker Food–Chwee Kueh or Steamed Rice Cake With Preserved Radish

2   Creams and Milk Make These Buns Worth To Try –Hokkaido Soft Milk Buns

3   Huat Kueh- Chinese Steamed Rice Flour Cake–A Cake That Brings You Luck And Prosperity

4    The Plights of Kuey Neng Ko…The Traditional Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake…


5   Easy Peasy Muah Chee(花生芝麻糍粑)

6   Extra Large Chinese Barbecue Pork Buns–Char Siu Bao (蜜汁叉烧包)

7   Another Alternative To Butter Cake–Cream Cheese Butter Cake (奶酪牛油蛋糕)

8   My Childhood Cake–Bee Hive Cake/Malaysian Honey Comb Cake or Kueh Sarang Semut (蜂巢蛋糕)


10  What A Golf Ball Have To Do With A Pineapple? Well, It Is The Famous South East Asian Pineapple Tarts

11  Baked or Steamed,You Decide Yourself–Glutinous Rice Cake, Nian Gao (年糕)

12  Condensed Milk That Are Not Sweet? Home Made Condensed Milk

13  One, Two, Three…….Let’s Start Making Traditional Short Bread Biscuits.


14  An Auspicious Steamed Cake To Celebrate My Blog Anniversary–Pandan Huat Kuih (香兰发糕)

15  Yoghurt + Condensed Milk + Cream + Grapefruit = Grapefruit Yoghurt Ice Cream

16  This Is Different From Kek Lapis, This is Kueh Lapis–Nonya Kueh Lapis


17  Eggs, Eggs, Eggs….. Join Me To Cook Eggs….

18  Old Man Like Old Cuisines–Traditional Butterfly Cupcakes    

19  Not A Lapis Legit But A Rich Dense Lapis–Lapis Horlicks (Horlicks Layered Cake)

20  Another Uniquely Chinese Cuisine–Chinese Style Barbecue Pork–Char Siu (蜜汁叉烧)

21  I Have Decided To Make My Own Japanese Curry Roux–Japanese Curry Chicken Rice

22  A Noodle Dish That Chinese Sarawakian Would Not Be Able To Let Go… Sarawak Kolo Mee

23  Another Lapis For Your Consideration–Cream Cheese Chocolate Lapis Cake

24  Nothing To Shout About–A Simple Walnut Butter Cake

25  Out Of Gift Ideas This Christmas? Try Some Homemade Marshmallows

26  Hey, This is not Italian Meat Rolls, It Is Chinese Meat Rolls Called Ngoh Hiang

27 My Mum’s Tapioca Cake–Steamed Tapioca Cake Or Kuih Ubi Kayu (木薯蒸糕)

28 Homesick Buns? Yes, I am homesick of Sarawak Style Butter Buns..

29 My Steamed Sponge Cake (Kuey Neng Ko) Is Full Of Gas。。。。 (汽水鸡蛋糕)

30 Lets Have Something Different–Steamed Cream Cheese Layered Cake


These are posts that I believed should squeeze in the top 30 listing but probably not because of their late issuance or lack of promotion of the posts.

“40 Minutes Bread Roll” with Sarawak Butter Bun’s Filling (四十分钟快速面包和特有牛油馅)

A Cuisine With A Long Chinese History– Dongpo Meat (东波肉)

Hey, I have invented my own Sarawak Laksa Paste Recipe !!!……… An In Depth Analysis and Pictorial Procedural Description Of The Famous Sarawak Laksa (PART II)

Back To Basics–Modified Traditional Butter Pound Cake

Back To Traditional Recipe of 1egg:1sugar:1flour- Traditional Steamed Sponge Cake (古早味鸡蛋糕)


Guaishushushu have issued slightly more than 300 recipes last year and the above accounted for about 10% of the recipes. If you are interested to get more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX  here. Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.

For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 21 March 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit this blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE .  


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You can also join the Food Bloggers and Foodies United Group Facebook Group to see more recipes. Currently there are about 4500 members sharing various food photos . I would be more than happy if you can  post in Groups for the recipes that you tried from Guaishushu’s blog.

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Special Compilation of Sarawakian Cuisines

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Since I started my blog about a year ago, I have blogged quite a number of Sarawak cuisines and I will add as and when I have blogged about new Sarawak cuisines. Some of these cuisines are uniquely Sarawak cuisines. Take a look and see what are these cuisines and remember, if you travel to Sarawak, do try these cuisines locally. For those who are interested to read more about Sarawak,

“Sarawak  is one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Known as Bumi Kenyalang (“Land of the Hornbills“), Sarawak is situated on the northwest of the island, bordering the Malaysian state of Sabah to the northeast, Indonesia to the south, and surrounding Brunei. It is the largest Malaysian state. The administrative capital is Kuching, which has a population of 700,000.Major cities and towns include Miri (pop. 350,000),Sibu (pop. 257,000) and Bintulu (pop. 200,000)”. As of the last census (2010), the state population was 2,420,009.“  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarawak)

As per Sarawak Tourism’s “top 10 iconic food” in 2012 are:

  • Sarawak Laksa (included in this post)
  • Kolo Mee (included in this post)
  • Ayam Pansuh – Chicken cooked in bamboo tube
  • Midin Belacan – Jungle fern fried with shrimp paste
  • Ikan Terubok Masin – A hard to get river estuary fish
  • Umai – Shashimi alike but Sarawak version with different seasonings and condiments
  • Kompia – A traditional Foochow bread that is bagel look alike
  • Terong Dayak Soup – A special breed of yellow brinjal commonly found in Sarawak
  • Dabai – A black colour fruit that local Chinese called is olive and can be preserved to be used as side dish for porridges or rice
  • Kampua Noodle – A type of Foochow noodle which was rather similar to kolo mee as mentioned above but mostly served in plate with slightly different type of noodles and condiments.

Being in Singapore, I have difficulty to blog a lot of the cuisines from my home town due to the lack of raw material. However, the effort continues. If you are keen to learn more about Sarawak Cuisines, you can visit my humble page of Authentic Sarawak Food and History. However, I have to apologize the page had not been updated for quite a while due to time constraints. I also wanted to take this opportunity to invite interested Sarawakian readers who had a passion in Sarawak Cuisines to take over this Facebook Page.

Please click on the pictures or blue colour links to go to the respective recipes.

Noodles Dishes

Sarawak Laksa – Cooking Illustration – A unique laksa that Most Sarawakian will be proud of. You can refer to here where I have written some concise history for ICNN travel report. In this post, I have written a very detail method of preparation for this special laksa dish.


Sarawak Laksa – Recipe – Most of the Sarawak household have cooked the laksa by using the ready pre-mix laksa paste. Being in Singapore, I have decided to try preparing my own. Overseas readers, if you are keen to prepare your own Sarawak laksa paste, you can read this post and start your own adventures.


Sarawak Laksa – History . Why Most Sarawakian are very proud of this special laksa dish, but there is a lack of literature write up on the history and evolution of this laksa dish and why is it unique to Sarawak. If you want to go a bit further to understand the history of commercially sold Sarawak Laksa paste, you can read this short history of Sarawak Laksa paste.


Sarawak Kolo Noodles or Dry Noodles – Sarawak Kolo noodles is rather special type of dry noodles (干捞面)that most if not all Sarawakian will be proud of. A light colour dry noodles and comfortably sits after Sarawak Laksa in the food ranking. As far as my circle of friends are concerned, none have ever rejected this noodles and Sarawakian can have this for breakfast until supper.


Kolo Beehoon – What if you can’t the special noodles? My wife used to prepare this simplified version of kolo beehoon for our breakfast. Of course the ingredients will depends on what we have in the fridge..


Tomato Yimin Noodles (茄汁伊面) – This noodle is rather special as it is cooked with tomato ketchup. The original noodles are deep fried noodles. In this illustration, I have used the commercially sold yimin instead. I have always called Sarawak style spaghettis and see if you concur with me.


Meat Dishes

Motherworts Chicken (益母草姜酒鸡) This is a traditional confinement dish for ladies who just gave birth. Motherwort have been used by midwives for centuries in Europe to assist in delivery, How this special herb become a confinement dish in Sarawak remained unclear, possibly because of the influenced of British during previous colonisation of Sarawak.. Though it is a confinement dish, but it is well liked by all age groups and sexes.


Pastry, Cakes and Snacks

Chinese Style Citrus Zested Pancake (风吹饼,风筝饼, 烘吹饼) – A rather unique type of snack in Sarawak and lots of Sarawakian Chinese love this snack. As constrasted to this illustration, it is usually round and without sesame seeds . For some Sarwakian Chinese dialect group, this is also another type of moon cake they are having.


Sarawak Midnight Cake a cake which is full of breakfast beverages ingredients, a rich dense and dark coloured cake usually served during festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Gawai Dayak etc. It is so dark that I have decided to call it a midnight cake and taste is awesome and rich.


Horlicks Lapis (好力克千层蛋糕)– Sarawak is famous for it layered cake after introduction from Indonesian in late 1980’s. The lapis or layered cake are many with its special design and flavouring. This is one of the classic household lapis.


Coffee Peppermint Lapis (咖啡薄荷千层蛋糕)– Another type of lapis for your consideration though the more common type is the chocolate peppermint lapis. This is the healthier version of lapis.


Sarawak Style Butter Buns – The uniqueness of Sarawak style butter buns is its buttery fillings. Its filling is made from mixing the butter with some flour. Sarawakian craved for this and there are no close substitute of these buns found elsewhere. Any mystery as to why this bun is common in Sarawak but not elsewhere.


Popiah  – Sarawak Style – Though it may be a generalization, Sarawak style popiah is generally came with dry type of fillings. Unlike West Malaysia or Singapore version, jicama were not simmer until soft. With these drier filling, popiah can be found in stalls selling kuih and other snacks. One can just pick up one and have it on its way to office.


For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 21 March 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit this blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE .  


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15 Local Singapore And Malaysian Kuih and Snack Special Compilation

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This is a special compilation for mostly Singaporean and Malaysian hawker centre’s cakes (kuih) and snacks. Most of the local Singaporean and Malaysian have take for granted this kuih’s and snacks as it is easily available at reasonable price in the hawker centres, road side stalls or coffee shops. However, for overseas readers, they have missed the snack and will try to replicate based on whatever local cooking ingredients that they have. The list will continue to be added as I have vowed to have more Asian snacks and Kuih recipe’s in the future.

Click on the blue colour link to the respective recipes.

Steamed Chicken Sticky Rice (Lo Mai Gai)  (糯米鸡)

Oyster omelette (耗煎,耗蛋)

Chwee Kueh (水粿)

Radish/Turnip/Carrot/Daikon Cake (腊味萝卜糕)

Nonya Steamed Layered Cake (九层糕)Kueh Lapis 

Kueh Salat/Kueh Seri Muka (椰香糯米蒸糕)

Kueh Ketayap/Kueh Dadar Gulong (香兰椰丝卷)

Pulut Panggang ( 糯米虾米卷)

Epok-epok (Money Bag Curry Puffs) (咖喱卜)

Murtabak Manis or Apam Balik (面煎饼)

Steamed Yam and Pumpkin Cake (芋头金瓜糕)

Steamed Tapioca Cake Or Kuih Ubi Kayu (木薯蒸糕)

Hainanese Coconut Kuih or E Bua or Yi Ba (海南薏粑粿)

Alum Free Youtiao (无臭粉油条)

Ma La Gao/Ma Lai Gao (马来糕)


For more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 21 March 2014)  here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or visit this blog’s FACEBOOK PAGE .  


If you are a Pinterest user and you are interested to have more recipes, you can join or follow this Pinterest Board set up by me  where there are more than 1800 recipes worldwide and pinned by various bloggers: FOOD BLOGGERS AND FOODIES UNITED PINTEREST BOARD. You can also join the Food Bloggers and Foodies United Group Facebook Group to see more recipes.

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