Golden Fruit Cake (黄金杂果蛋糕)

INTRODUCTION While I was browsing my recipe book and this fruit cake really captured my attention.. I liked the golden colour combination for its ingredients.. To me it looks very sexy and beautiful and it will be very different from all the other type of fruit cake that I have tasted before.. As contrast to […]

Pumpkin Pie (南瓜派)

INTRODUCTION Every time around October, I will see a lot of recipe on pumpkin by Western bloggers.. One of the most common recipe will be pumpkin pie.. I have never tried this pie before but it has always in my to-do list. I can imagine the taste of the pie.. It should be creamy and […]

Bacon Bread Rose (培根玫瑰餐包)

INTRODUCTION I have not been sharing buns recipes for quite a while and since I found a good dough recipe, I have a tendency to use the same dough to churn out different type of sweet or savoury bread or buns.. My basic dough is in this post and it will be reproduced here too […]