Christmas Wreath Bread (圣诞花环面包)



It is my own wish to share one Christmas bread recipe per year for the reader and this year I have decided to share a wreath bread..


Actually, Christmas wreath bread is nothing difficult and I have lots of idea how it should be done. As long as the bread is shaped in a circle, it can be called a Christmas wreath bread.


I have amended the design along the way and I can’t exactly tell you the measurement of each part of the dough required. Well, for the leftover dough, I have used it to make it into buns shape ..For this bread, I have added mixed fruits to the bread but this is optional.


To be frank, as I am not a Christian, I do not know exactly what is a Christmas wreath.. Therefore, I assumed many non Christians may not know too. As per,


“Wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of Christmas for hundreds and hundreds of years. Christmas wreaths can adorn any part of your home, inside or out. In many homes, this symbol of growth and everlasting life can be found both inside and out. It is common to find a number of wreaths on doors, over the mantle, or hung in windows.The wreath has significant meaning for the season. It’s circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. From a Christian religious perspective, it represents an unending circle of life. The evergreen, most frequently used in making wreathes, symbolizes growth and everlasting life. Holly branches have thorns. When used in a wreath it represents the thorn on Jesus’ crown when he was crucified. Bright red holly berries symbolize Jesus’ blood that was shed for us.”



Servings: Prepare one big size wreath bread


  • 500 grams of bread flour
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 11 grams (1 packet) of instant dry yeast
  • 30 grams of butter
  • 1 egg
  • 220 grams of lukewarm  water
  • 150 grams of dried fruits soaked in orange juice or cherry wine overnight



PicMonkey Collage1

  • In a mixing  bowl, mixed all the ingredients  together. Use a spoon to slightly stir it until it form a sticky dough. Use the dough hook in the machine to beat the dough at medium to low speed (speed 2 in Kenwood Chef or Kitchen Aid) for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, change from medium to high speed (speed 4 kin Kenwood Chef or Kitchen Aid) for about 7 minutes until the dough is smooth and leaves the side of the mixing bowl. Add the drained soaked dried fruits and knead for another 1-2 minutes until all the fruits are incorporated to the bread dough.

  • Transfer the dough out to a lightly flour surface.  Lightly knead for 1-2 minutes and let it proof until double in size. Cover the dough with a wet towel or clingy wrap. Proofing time will depends on the weather but it will take about more or less 30 minutes in Singapore weather.

PicMonkey Collage2

  • Take some dough, use a rolling pin to roll it to about 1 cm thickness. Use a round cutter to cut the dough and place a piece the dough to the baking tray. Cut the second dough and place half way on top of the first dough. Perform the same for the others until a round circle is form . This part shall used up about at least 60% of the dough but that depends very much on the size of your round cutter and wreath diameter.

  • Take some dough and shape it into a small ball.

PicMonkey Collage3

  • Stick the small dough balls at the side of the wreath. Use hand to pinch one side of the round flat dough and the small dough balls such that they are intact with each other. Let it proof until double in size.

  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree Celsius .

  • Once the second proofing is done, egg wash the bread (one egg yolk + 1 tablespoon of water, stir until well mixed, sift and apply). and bake in the pre-heated oven of 180 degree Celsius for 15-20 minutes. Timing will depend on the size and thickness of the wreath .



This is a soft bread and it taste like ordinary buns. Servings shall be pull apart style and served with butter and jam. I hope this post will benefit readers who are looking for Christmas bread recipe.


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.


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