Chinese “Osmanthus” Eggs (桂花蛋)



Egg is one of the most common cooking ingredients but it is rather difficult to master it perfectly. It seems easy but without some pointers, it may be difficult to use the imagination to cook to what it looks likes in the restaurant dinner table..


One of them is the Chinese style of scrambled egg called Osmanthus fried eggs. Don’t be misled by the term osmanthus.. No osmanthus flower were used in the preparation.. It was called as such because it resembles the tiny yellowish osmanthus. flower The scrambled egg is in tiny  yellow bits of the size slightly bigger than small bees. The authentic osmanthus fried eggs shall be the size of osmanthus flower, however, in restaurant, the size can be much bigger. Looking at the picture above, do the eggs look like smaller yellow flowers?


One of the most common dishes for this type of fried eggs is in the Chinese cold dish or hot dish where it was stir fried together with shark fin and the name of the dish is 桂花翅 or literally translated “osmanthus shark fin”. It can be rather costly and is a presentable dish during Chinese new year dinner..Another less costly alternative is the use of crab meat and for household version, usually just glass noodles was used to substitute the real shark fin..


My main purpose of this recipe is not to teach you how to cook shark fin but is to share with all how to make this style of Chinese scramble egg.  I have learned the technique when one of my Facebook friends Ms. Maggie Chan share her technique with member of Facebook Group and friends. I saw her video and immediately capture my attention.


Soon after I saw her video, I headed over the kitchen and try it out. It worked beautifully and I shall say that it is one of the most beautiful Gui Hua eggs I have ever prepared. It does not stick together, it is moist and the round shape is very natural as compared to if you cut it using a knife.. Ms. Chan jokingly say that I am a “捣蛋鬼” or “trouble maker” because I have successful “捣蛋” or “scramble the eggs” .She joked over the action of preparing the eggs. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Maggie Chan for teaching me how to do this scrambled egg.



Servings: 3-4 adult servings


Scrambled eggs

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of corn starch mix with 3 teaspoons of water
  • 3 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • Seasonings to taste


  • 50 grams of glass noodles or shark fin
  • 50 grams of minced meat
  • 3-4 mushrooms, soaked and sliced thinly
  • 2 sprigs of spring onion or coriander
  • Some crab meat (optional)


  • Pinches of salt
  • Dashes of white paper
  • Sugar to taste



PicMonkey Collage1

  • Crack the eggs,  add 1 tablespoon of oil, the corn starch solution, and pinches of salt. Whisk until well combined.

  • Heat up a pot with the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil, add the egg and do not stir it for about 1 minute。Once the sights slightly set, use a chopstick to scramble the eggs as fast as possible. Remember to scramble the part near the side. Cook for another 1 minute or until the eggs are slightly set. Off the heat and continue to scramble for another 1/2 minute. Set aside for later use.


  • The scrambling action has to be as fast as possible before the egg is set. Once the egg is set, you will have difficulty to break the eggs. The eggs shall not be over cooked. Over cooked eggs are hard and making the dish very dry.

  • Use a pot rather a frying pan to do the action. the pot of have tall walls that will facilitate the scrambling. Vigorous scrambling in a frying pan will send your eggs all over the place..

PicMonkey Collage2

  • Soak the glass noodles until soft. Cut the noodles 1-2 times and drained.

  • In a pot, put some cooking oil, add the minced meat and mushrooms, sauté until fragrant. If you wish, you can sauté with some minced garlic as well. Add the glass noodles and scramble eggs. Stir fry for 1-2 minutes until well mixed. Add seasonings  (salt, pepper, sugar to taste) of your choice before dishing up for serving.



This recipe is  to be classified under simple house hold dishes series. Remember that this dish is famous to be stir fried with shark fin. What I am sharing is not the shark fin dish but how you can get tiny bits of scrambled eggs in a pot.  As for the shark fin dish, you can use the same concept and add in more ingredients like crab meat, carrot etc. to enhance the colour combination.  It will then ideal for your Chinese reunion dishes. Should i prepare such a dish, I will share with all..


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.


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