Adzuki beans Lotus Seeds Soup (莲子百合红豆沙)



I have to be frank that I do not like to issue this type of dessert sweet soup recipes.. The main reason is that I have to do a lot of researches before I can issue my post..


I do think I will issue a simple recipe without providing readers any information.. I believed readers should always understand what they are consuming or at least, in Chinese dessert sweet soup, why ingredients A is paired with B and etc. or benefits of having such desserts. All these traditional recipes have been prepared for many years and there must be reason of its benefits and  behind such pairing.. 


What I am sharing to day is a very common dessert prepared be it in restaurants or households. Again, it is a Cantonese cuisine and I presumed most household will now how to prepare. Depending on your dialects, Cantonese  believed that for a good bowl of this dessert, the red beans must be cooked until very soft and resembling  the paste form..For other dialects, soft but still grainy is considered as acceptable.


The recipe basically involved boiling the red beans in water until the red beans are very soft and mushy. Add sugar and it can be served. The challenge is to achieve this effect as fast as possible. There are many ways of cooking but I believed using pressure cooker is the fastest among all. Other cooking methods that can be considered are:

  • boiling over the stove with a porcelain spoon ;
  • Slow cooker over night boiling
  • Rice cooker soup function
  • Thermal flask cooking by bring the red bean to boil and keep in the thermal flask overnight


The main ingredients in this recipes are dried lily bulbs (百合), red or adzuki beans (红豆), lotus seeds (莲子) and dried tangerine peel.(橘皮) 。 At times when the ingredients are a lot, I will only share the benefits of the two most important ingredients. Per, the main functions of lily bulbs as per Chinese medicine are:

  • For treating of ulcer of the stomach.
  • For treatment of pain in solar plexus because of spleen deficient.
  • For treatment of Dengue Fever during frequent urination period.
  • For treatment of neurasthenia.
  • For treatment of boils.


As per, red beans have the following benefits :

  • Reduce Fluid Retention as in oedema cases
  • Aids in weight loss due to excess fluid retention
  • Avoid effects of external pathogenic dampness
  • Reduce heat and toxin in the blood that causes rashes, pimples and boils


“莲子百合红豆沙 – 红豆有清心养神、健脾益肾功效,加入莲子、百合更有固精益气、止血、强健筋骨等作用,能治肺燥、干咳,提升内脏活力,增强体力。莲子有养心安祥的功效,中老年人特别是脑力劳动者经常食用,可以健脑,增强记忆力,提高工作效率。百合具有养心安神,润肺止咳的功效,是著名的保健食品,也是老少皆宜的食物。莲子百合红豆沙具有补脾、和胃、清肺功效,老少皆宜。养生也是护肤的重要的一部分,外调加上内养,才能造就一个水灵灵的女人。” (



Servings: 4-6 adult servings


  • 300 grams of adzuki red beans (红豆),soaked for 1-2 hours
  • 250 grams of rock sugar (冰糖)
  • 25 grams of dried lily bulbs (百合) , soaked until soft
  • 50 grams of lotus seeds (莲子), soaked until soft
  • Some tangerine peels (陈皮)
  • Few pandan leaves (香兰叶)



PicMonkey Collage1

  • Wash the red beans, add sugar and pandan leaves. Add water until it is about 2 cm above the red beans. Pressure cook the beans for 30 minutes.

  • Add the soaked lily bulbs, lotus seeds, rock sugar and tangerine peel. Add additional water such that it about 2cm all the ingredients. Pressure cook again the beans for another 30 minutes. Use the ladle and move in a circular motion and grind the the red beans for a few minutes. While doing this action, avoid breaking the lily bulbs and lotus seeds which should be rather soft now. Best served warm with additional tangerine peel.



To conclude, this dessert aids to improve the spleen function (and hence blood production and transportation 补脾 leads to less easy to become tired), strengthen  the stomach (and hence better intestinal digestion system  和胃  leads to better appetite) and lungs clearing (reduce chronic cloth and etc. 清肺)。It is also beneficial to ladies as it contained lots of iron in adzuki beans and good in blood replenishment。Lastly, it is good for skin conditions resulted from damp heat as per Chinese Tradition Medicine.  I hoped I am clear and I know I am not as I am as new as you are.. lol . I hope to learn together with all of you.. Whatever it is, this is bowl of delicious traditional dessert that is believed to benefit our bodies.


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.


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