Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour aka Gao Fen (糕粉)



Gao Fen or cooked glutinous rice flour is a very important ingredient in Chinese pastry recipes.. It was used in many Chinese cakes or pastry that have sticky or gluey, interior fillings. In addition, it was also  used as some form of flour to prevent sticking during the preparation of Chinese biscuits.. I have been exposed to this unique ingredient since very young as my late parents used this in the preparation of traditional Chinese delicacies.


Cooked glutinous rice flour can be used for the preparation of: Snow skin Moon cake (冰皮榴莲月饼)


Sugar Puff, Sun Biscuit And Pong Piah (太阳饼, 碰饼)


Old School Of Moon cake With A New Look–Orange Snow Cake (橘皮云片雪花糕)


Winter Melon Puff or Wife Biscuit or Sweet Heart Cake (老婆饼)


Chinese Horseshoe Biscuits, Ma Ti Su, Beh Teh Soh, Heong Paeng (马蹄酥, 香饼)


Re-Creating My Homesick Snack–Citrus Zested Kite Moon cake (风吹饼,风筝饼, 烘吹饼)


This item can be easily obtained from the bakery shop in Asian countries and it is cheap and economical. However, most overseas bakery shop did not carry such item especially in USA, UK or Australia etc.. Last year, readers have a difficulty to obtain this item for the preparation of snow skin moon cake and that sparks my desire to share this recipe with readers..


This is not the best batch of Gao Fen and the stickiness definitely cannot be compared with the store bought. However, I have tested the homemade Gao Fen for the preparation of snow skin moon cake, it did work satisfactorily. For local readers where you have assess to store bought Gao Fen, I will advise you to buy from the stores. For those overseas readers, I hope that this recipe will help you  to curb your cravings of snow skin moon cakes and other Chinese pastries or biscuits.




  • 100% raw glutinous rice flour
  • 10% plain flour (optional)

* Please take note that it is the ratio and you can use any quantity of glutinous rice flour you desired. For example, if you used 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, you will need to add 50 grams of plain flour .



PicMonkey Collage1

  • Sift the glutinous rice flour and plain flour into a steamer tray. Make some holes in the middle. Cover the tray with clingy wrap. Steamed at high heat for about 45 minutes until cooked. Sift the  cooked flour again and stored in a dry containers when completely cooled.


  • Cooked glutinous rice flour will show some lumps and smell different from the raw glutinous rice flour. It is not that floury and smooth to touch. It can be slightly sandy and once it touches water, it will become sticky.


Once again, homemade Gao Fen is not as ideal as store bought Gao Fen, prepared this only when you have no other choices. At least it will still help other readers who totally do not have assess such ingredients. More moon cake ingredients will be lined out soon. Bookmark this recipe just in case you may need it one day.


Hope you like the post today. Cheers and have a nice day.




4 thoughts on “Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour aka Gao Fen (糕粉)

  1. Hi Kenneth. Thanks for recipie. Do you store this room temp or chilled. And how long can you keep this flour. Thanks for help. Like your recipies a lot. Chloe

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