30 Local Singapore And Malaysian Kuih Special Compilation (30 种本地糕点汇编)

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This is a special compilation for mostly Singaporean and Malaysian hawker centre’s cakes (kuih). Most of the local Singaporean and Malaysian have take for granted this kuih’s and snacks as it is easily available at reasonable price in the hawker centres, road side stalls or coffee shops. However, for overseas readers, they have missed the snack and will try to replicate based on whatever local cooking ingredients that they have. The list will continue to be added as I have vowed to have more Asian snacks and Kuih recipe’s in the future.

Click on the blue colour link to the respective recipes.

Kuih Lopes or Kue Lupis (三角椰丝糯米糕)


Kuih Talam , Kuih Talam Tepong Pandan (绿白双层香兰糕)


Local Baked Custard? Kuih Bakar Pandan Or Kuih Kemboja (香兰烘糕)


I Am Unsure If The Name Of This Traditional Cake Is Correct… Kuih Manggis, Kuih Syara (香兰小青糕)


Koci, Goci, Kochi, Mendut, Lapek Bugis? I Am Confused–Pandan Kuih Koci (锥形香兰椰丝糯米滋)


Mashed Banana Fritters–Jemput Jemput Pisang, Kuih Kodok, Kuih Cekodok, Kuih Cokodok (炸香蕉球)


Grilled Glutinous Rice Package–Pulut Panggang ( 糯米虾米卷)


This Is Different From Kek Lapis, This is Kueh Lapis–Nonya Kueh Lapis

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Pandan Green Or Gula Melaka Brown, You Decide–Kuih Kosui or Kuih Ko Swee (卡穗糕 or Kuih Kaswi)


Coconut Pandanus Custard Glutinous Rice Cake – Kueh Salat or Kueh Seri Muka (香兰椰香糯米蒸糕)

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Simple Yet Elegant Nonya Kuih–Kuih Pulut Tai Tai, Pulut Tekan, Pulut Tatal (娘惹兰花加椰糕)


A Nonya/Malay Kuih That I Loved Very Much–Kuih Ketayap, Kuih Dadar (香兰椰丝卷)


My Mum’s Tapioca Cake–Steamed Tapioca Cake Or Kuih Ubi Kayu (木薯蒸糕)


Kuih Bingka Ubi–Baked Tapioca or Cassava Cake (烤木薯糕)


Don’t Throw Away The Beans After Drinking The Soup–Mung Bean Fritters (Kuih Rengas, Kuih Kacang Hijau, Kuih Kasturi, 炸绿豆饼)


Money Bag For Your New Year–Simple Epok Epok or Curry Puffs


An Auspicious Chinese Steamed Cake–Red Tortoise Steamed Cake, Angku Kuih (红龟粿)


A Steamed Cake That Brings Fond Memories–Black Tortoise Cake or O Ku Kueh (黑龟粿)

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No Cudweed, I Used Mugwort–Teochew Chi Kak Kuih (潮州鼠麹糕)- Mugwort version


Rice Cake In A Peach Form?… Png Tao (饭桃, 米包米, 饭粿, 潮州红桃粿)


You Seen This Glutinous Rice Cake Before–Hainanese Coconut Kuih or E Bua or Yi Ba (海南薏粑粿)


Soon Kuih Or Chai Kuih? Teochew Soon Kuih (笋粿)


Garlic Chives Steamed Rice Cake–Teochew Ku Chai Kuih (潮州韭菜粿)


My Ugly Sesame Balls–Sesame Balls or Jian Dui or Kuih Bom (煎堆,芝麻球)


It Is Better To Be Late Than Never–Radish/Turnip/Carrot/Daikon Cake (腊味萝卜糕)


Chinese Steamed Yam And Pumpkin Cake (芋头金瓜糕)


The Third Honeycomb Structure Asian Cake– White Sugar Sponge Cake or Pak Thong Ko (白糖糕)


Teochew Huat Kuih or Ka Kuih (潮州发糕,潮州酵糕,米糕, 松糕)


A Chinese Steamed Cake That I Am Not Familiar With–Hee Pan or Xi Ban (古早味喜板)


Another Singapore Malaysia Hawker Food–Chwee Kueh or Steamed Rice Cake With Preserved Radish


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2 thoughts on “30 Local Singapore And Malaysian Kuih Special Compilation (30 种本地糕点汇编)

  1. I am looking for a recipe for Penang’s “Hua Chee” which is normally sold together with cruellers/”Eu Char Koay” and “Ham Chim Peng”. Anyone has this recipe?

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