Chinese Steamed Eggs (水蒸蛋)



Most Chinese households steamed eggs as it is a tasty and affordable dish..


However, not all steamed eggs will be silky smooth though it uses only 2 ingredients, eggs and water. There are certain pointers that need to be taken in the preparation. Once you master these important point, you steamed eggs should be silky smooth..


The main pointers will be concerned about the water used, the heat of steaming and the ratio of water to eggs, not forgetting you have to sift your eggs.. Raw water have oxygen just like you can’t used cooked water to rear fish.. Your fish will die.. If you cooked the raw water, oxygen will be released and hence forcing out from the egg mixture resulting a steamed egg resembling moon surface. So, remember that always used cooked water to steam your eggs..


Steaming pure beaten eggs without any water will give you the texture of a hard boiled egg, too much water will not make your egg difficult to set. An optimal ratio of water to eggs need to be obtained.


Though it is generally advisable to use medium to low heat to steam eggs to avoid wavy patterns, but with this ratio that I am sharing, i have never encountered such pattern even i steamed it at high heat.. Well, to make it safe, I will still advise you to steam your eggs at medium heat.


I can’t claim that this batch of  steamed eggs are perfect as I was preparing in a rush. I have made a careless mistake of using wet bowls. That caused some bubbles at the side. However, they it still suit our family taste buds, it is smooth, silky  and tasty. This is a recipe of my own without reference to others. I have been using this way of steaming my eggs for ages and kids especially love this silky steamed eggs..


I did not issue this recipe earlier because the original recipe was committed to a magazine in April2014 and only published in January 2015.. Since the recipe has already been published in the Singapore magazine, I can now share with reader this simple recipe.. However, the recipe has been slightly modified.



Servings: 3 adult servings


  • 3 eggs
  • 1.5 cups of lukewarm water
  • 1 teaspoons of corn flour (optional)

* Note that this is the basic recipe and if you want you can add salt or other seasonings to your taste.



  • Get ready a steamer with boiling water capable of steaming at least 25-30 minutes.

PicMonkey Collage1

  • Put the egg, corn flour (optional) and lukewarm water. Use a whisker to whisk until well combined. Sift the egg solution into the steaming bowl. Cover with a clingy wrap or aluminium foil. Steamed under medium – high heat for at least 15 minutes or until the eggs are set. Best drizzled with light soya sauce and sesame oil to flavour the steamed egg before serving hot from the steamer.



  • Corn starch are optional but it will increase your chances of success. It enhances the binding.

  • Lukewarm to hot water shall be used. Never use tap water to steam eggs as it will resulted in uneven steamed eggs. Tap water have air which when steamed cooked will render the oxygen to escape and hence the holes.

  • The ratio is 2 eggs to 1 cup of water or 1 egg to 0.5 cup of water. You can toy with the quantity of water used from 0,5 cup to 1 cup of water (maximum) to one egg. The more water you used, the softer it will be but the more difficult it is to get cooked.

  • The timing of the steaming will very much depends on the type of bowl or container used. Metal plate will be faster than plastic bowl in terms of timing.

  • The covering of the egg solution is to avoid water drop back into the bowl and hence dilute the egg solution.

  • You can add seasonings to your egg solution to flavour your steamed eggs.

  • Ensure that your steaming bowls or plate do not touch the hot water for steaming. It shall be placed above the hot boiling water.



I have purposely chose cup as the measurement for this recipe. It is easy to remember, 2 eggs one cup of water. If you do not have measuring cups, just use the rice cup for your rice cooker. Do try and see if this works for you.


Hope you like the post today.




5 thoughts on “Chinese Steamed Eggs (水蒸蛋)

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  2. Do you placed the egg mixture in the steamer before the water in the steamer boils or after the water in the steamer is boiling hot?

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