Are You Sure We Are Drinking Something Like This?


What is this series ? – Series 24

I have been stopping this series for quite a while, not because I do not have the patterns or designs but because I am too engrossed on the other series. I am sorry to all readers who follow this series.

Today picture is a bit tough, There is no photographic effects except 9 similar pictures put together. Just a hint, it is some type of herbs that we boiled for the drinks especially for the Chinese …The lighter color plant are also commonly drink by Europeans and Americans. It is a type of flower tea.. The other one is a bit tough, supposed to be purple in colour when fresh….

Cheers and have a nice day

Answer posted on 16th July 2013



These are herbs tea. It comprises of two herbs or flowers – one is chrysanthemum (菊花)and another is Prunella vulgaris (夏枯草)。The herbs were brewed and subsequently with rock sugar added. The original form of these the flowers are as follows:


Prunella vulgaris (夏枯草) . Source:

chrysanthemum (菊花)Source:

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