In conjunction with Vesak Day 2013, I have decided to share with readers some nice images of Buddhism. Part I talk about Buddhism in General and you can read it HERE. and Part II basically displayed pictures of Buddhism of 20 countries (North America: 2, South America: 1, Oceania: 2, Europe 3, Africa:1, Asia:11) in the world.


  • I have compiled these pictures from the internet and none of the pictures belong to the Guai Shu Shu. I have to thanks all the websites that I have sourced the pictures.
  • For a particular country, it may depicts images from different schools of Buddhism. Therefore, the temple may be a Mahayana Style temple whereas the Sangha picture may belong to the Theravada Schools, and etc.
  • The aim of this pictorial post is to share with readers how different countries practice Buddhism and it should not be construed as preaching of Buddhism.



IMG_3632 Canada

IMG_3548 South Korea

IMG_3556 China

IMG_3557 India

IMG_3552 United Kingdom

IMG_3549 South Africa

IMG_3594 Vietnam

IMG_3596 Tibet and Nepal

IMG_3555   Sri Lanka

IMG_3631 New Zealand

IMG_3564 Japan

IMG_3560 United States

IMG_3547 Australia

IMG_3595 Cambodia

IMG_3554 Singapore

IMG_3550 Russia

IMG_3559 Thailand

IMG_3553 Malaysia


IMG_3634 Bangladesh

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