I Dare To Be Different ……I Am Who I Am..…….


Hey, everybody, how is my little red flower, is it nice? I am old and sturdy but actually, I am young at heart…….

I love plants. When I drove or when I strolled in the park or even around the neighborhood, I will always be amazed by the various shapes and styles that plants have chosen to present themselves  for purposes of reproduction. I am sharing with readers some of the photos that I have taken around my neighborhood and around the net and hope that you can draw your own inspirations from the photos below


If he chooses black and red, I will choose white and yellow….

(Pic source:  a plant in Garden’s by the Bay)


Anybody want to join me to bear my fruit in the trunk?

(Pic source: another old plant next to my apartment’s car park)


 I am just some little white dot flower in a patch of green.

(Source: a grass patch below my apartment that blossoms beautifully after a heavy downpour)


I have the strongest will to survive.

(Pic source: A crack in the block next to my Apartment)


I don’t know why my ancestor choose this color of clothing and live in this type of ugly environment

 (Pic source:  Mushrooms I found when I strolled in Bedok Reservoir Park, Singapore)


You are ugly but I am beautiful. My mother just make me this hat! Don’t ever come close to me snatch my hats away! I will poison you to death

(Pic source:  Amanitas Mushroom, University of Connecticut)


“Competition is tough but  I chose to disguise as a pink little bird.. Hopefully, this will attract more people to shower me with their lovesbut I am lonely.”

(Pic source: A Pedilanthus Tithymaloid planted in Apartment with its first ever blossom)


“Hi, don’t feel sad, just come and join us for a chat”

(Pic source: internet www.visoflora.com)


I have to make myself stand out in the cold winter, wearing the most eye catching and beautiful clothing and diligently present myself. I hope my dearest bee guest and other pollinator guest will visit me and help me to deliver some pollens to my loved ones in the next branch.. Hi bees, welcome. Here is my pollen for you..”

(source: www.wikimedia.com)


Me, too..Even you are  cherry blossoms and we are plum blossoms. we shared the same objectives. We are strong, we are tough, we are hardworking, we flower long before other plants even have a leaf.. and may be that’s whyI am chosen to become national flower of Republic of China???

(Source: internet- www.absolutecinatours.com)

Happy reading!


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