What I cooked today (家常便饭系列)- 16-5-2013


On 16 May 2013

White rice served with:

1. Szechuan Vegetable Pork Rib Soup 榨菜排骨汤
2. Yakitori Chicken Stick 日式烤鸡串
3. Pak Choi Fried with Fish Cake 小白菜炒鱼饼
4. Hairy Gourd Fried with Minced Meat 肉碎炒毛瓜
5. Fried Eggs 荷包蛋
6. Soy Residue Pan Cake 黄豆渣煎饼

It seemed that the meals I cooked have a lot of gourds – bitter gourd (苦瓜), tower gourd(莆), winter melon (冬瓜)and today hairy gourd (毛瓜). Tomorrow, my soup should be another gourd family members- chayote (佛手瓜)。 I like to buy this vegetable and keep in the fridge and it will start to surface in my menu on Thursday and Friday and by that time, all the leafy vegetables should all be cooked. Gourds family members are long lasting and sometime I just keep one or two for “emergency” purposes.

We bought the Yakitori sticks from the supermarkets. It costs about SGD o.50 per stick. It is the Japanese chicken satay and my kids will usually fight over this.

Fried eggs are requested by my wife and not my kids. She said she had been thinking about fried eggs for quite a while…….

The last “dish” is something that I will strongly recommend for readers to try making it. It was given by my kind neighbor.  She used the soy residues from making soya bean milk, mixed with beans sprouts, spring onions and dry shrimps and finally made into an egg omelet. It is extremely tasty and an excellent choice for snacks or breakfast. Suggested dips will be tomato sauce, sweet chili sauce or mayonnaise. If you are throwing the residues away, why not cook something along this line?

Happy reading!

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