What is this series?–MY THOUGHTS



Sometime when I set the puzzles, I am just wondering if there are any readers following this series.

The rationale behind this series is not an attempt to drive traffics to my blog but more because I love patterns, especially uniform patterns.

During my university days, while the lecturer was lecturing, I would select a seat near the corner of  the lecture theater and start to draw funny patterns on a sheet of blank paper. When my peers asked me what I was drawing, I told them frankly that I don’t know. I am just sketching some patterns that I felt were nice by combining blue, black and red inks; round, triangular, hexagon, square shapes; fine, dotted and semi-dotted lines; shaded and non-shaded areas depending on my moods.

Until today, I still like to design patterns and with the availability of computer graphics imaging technologies and I-phone applications, I found that I can design many patterns within a short period of time and I thought it would be nice to share with readers and this can also serve as a record of what I was designing. May be one day I will compile into an E-gallery and give it to my kids for remembrance.

Hope you like the series. Cheers

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