What I cooked today (家常便饭系列) –6-5-2013



On 6-May-2013

  1. Grilled Saba (mackerel) with lemon (柠檬烤鲭鱼)
  2. Fried Bok Choi with sliced fish cake (贸白菜炒鱼饼)
  3. Braised Bamboo shoot with chicken(竹笋焖鸡)
  4. Double mushroom lettuce soup(双菇生菜汤)

The mushrooms refers to the oyster mushrooms and abalone mushrooms. These two mushrooms were first boiled in diluted chicken stock and prior to serving, fresh local lettuce was added .


I really have difficulty in naming the dishes. However, I viewed this as a challenge to name all these common household dishes into mouth watering names in recognition of the food preparers at home. Is it not pricey restaurant also used beautiful, appetizing names in their menu for dishes that your wife or your mother is cooking every day? It is just marketing gimmicks and such approach shall be extended for the use of  household chefs.

Enjoy reading and cheers for a better day ahead.

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