Things I Just Discovered In Singapore – Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee

Just discovered a new food outlet that sells the famous Sarawak Laksa and kolo mee in Singapore. It was tipped off from my Singaporean neighbor that loves these two delicacies after we introduced to them.

The new outlet that we visited on Saturday morning is located at Blk 25, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore. Look out for this stall:

I am pleased with the quality of the noodles, it’s serving size and price! They have another variant by adding soya sauce to the noodle which is also very delicious (note: I personally think that this variant were created because of the influences of West Malaysia or Singaporean’s "kanloumin“(干捞面)and “wanton noodle”(云吞面).  However, the laksa gravy should be “thicker” (less watery) as it is quite tasteless.

However, I am reluctant to mark down this item as it is a matter of personal preference…

My verdict is: SHOULD TRY and RETRY and RETRY.better than the much publicized and pricey XXX Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee Restaurant in posh shopping malls.

Sarawakian, if you happen to read this, I believe you will come and try.

Local Singaporean, if you like to pay about S$ 10 for one bowl of Kolo Mee, you will definitely be delighted to have a meal here and “tabao” another packet for your loved ones at home with the same price (but please wear shorts as it is not that cold as in shopping malls, lol).

For overseas visitors not in Singapore, please visit Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia for a bowl of authentic Sarawak Kolo Mee!!


Lastly, why this appeared in my blog because kolo mee and laksa are two of the hawker stall items that Sarawakians residing in Singapore have missed very much. In Sarawak, these two delicacies are Sarawakian’s breakfasts, lunches, tea time, dinner and supper top choices….and in Singapore, I personally only know that beside the pricey restaurant and this stall, there is another stall in Bedok Central. That explained the rationale behind this post and if reader knew of other outlets in Singapore, please share with me and our readers. Happy reading and cheers.

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